Tuesday, 27 January 2009

this white winger was at hove lagoon this evening. luckily it was only 5 mins away from work and i was able to see it and return without anyone noticing.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

it all started on 11 jan with a king eider off pett! a sramble around for a car and a mad dash (with a woodcock thrown in) that afternoon was meet with completely useless birders and no king eider. the tide was on its way out and with only half hour of daylight left we scanned and scanned but found nothing, bollocks! the following day we were greated by strong winds and rain, great! again we scanned but found nothing. the highlight being a close great northern diver flying south plus other padders like velvet scoters, eiders and red throated divers (300) whilst the pools held an adult yellow legged gull. arlington failed to produce anything in the roost although the rain was so bad it was hard to see anything at all. so, the week goes by and there had been no sign of the eider all week until sat (17th) when i get a phone call from ian barnard informing me that the king eider was back, excellent! wrong! absolute shit! i'm in manchester! with me stuck 'op north' until the monday all i could do was not see some waxwings to make me feel better. the following day the eider was relocated off jurys gap and i once again failed to find any waxwings but a great distraction was a singing dipper (no jokes please), we dont get em in sussex so this was very pleasing, dont ever remember hearing a dipper sing, sounded like a sylvia warbler. there was no sign of the eider on the monday, the day i drove back to sussex, but was up early tuesday morning to be a jurys gap for dawn. 3 woodcocks were seen on the way out and it was light enough to stop at pett first. no sign, up the beach to winchelsea, no sign, along to jurys gap, no sign. there were however, lots of ducks off the midrips but the red flags were flying and access was impossible. a couple of normal eiders were seen and then i got a txt saying the eider flew past dungeness this morning! at least i knew it was still there. however, a dawn til dusk search going back and forth between jurys gap and pett failed to produce the goods and alas another dip. a couple of things worth jotting down were a great grey shrike at icklesham and a pair of marsh harriers and a man scaup at pett.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

bumping into pops along the undercliff was a blessing in disguise as 2 black necked grebes were found off ovingdean as we stood chatting. not that far out, they continued slowly w and were off the marina an hour later. certainly a good winter record here.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

a cycle out to southwick late morning produced a long tailed duck just offshore and a stupid redshank in the lock gates.