Thursday, 24 September 2009

2 wrynecks were found at the north end of sheepcote today. 1 by the 3 caravans and 1 in the SE corner of the old bmx track. though fairly close together the time period between the findings and general circumstances indicate two birds. it was actually not a bad day out considering i got there late due to work cancellation but more on this later when i have me notebook, its just dross anyways.

update: other sightings during the day included 1000's of hirundines, 100's of meadow pipits, 67 blackcaps, 30 chiffs, 30 whinchats, 16 stonechats, 8 redstarts, 5 wheatears, 2 grey wags, 2 lesser whites and singles of reed warbler, sedge warbler, yellow wag, reed bunting and little owl. the latter is a good bird here and the first record for a few years despite being present at ovingdean.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

updating the blog continues to be fairly slow due to lack of internet. the month started with a dotterel at balsdean during the week. On the 10th, an afterwork visit to sheepcote produced 2 redstart, 4 spot fly, 10 whinchat, 30+ blackcaps and 20+ willow warblers along with a wryneck that had been found earlier in the day. Y'day got off to a good start with the stiff NE's producing plenty of migrants from the start (though very little flying over) and a mornings tally of 55 willow/chiffs, 30 blackcaps, 6 crossbills, 8 spot flys, 13 whinchats, 2 redstarts, hobby and firecrest was topped by the finding of a juvenile rose coloured starling, a first for sheepcote. An elusive bird initially present for 20 mins, it was not seen again for many hours but was finally enjoyed(?!) by several observers when it was relocated during the afternoon as it joined a highly mobile and skulking flock of starlings. (cheers for the photo jake)